When they first started coming out, video games were considered a form of entertainment devoid of anything that could be considered valuable. As years passed, more and more people were drawn into their imaginary worlds, and the number of video game fans has been growing ever since.

There have also been changes in the way critics view them. Regardless of their genre, plot, main characters and soundtrack, even the experts on subjects of art and aesthetics seem to believe that video games are not just games.

In this article, we will try to discuss the shift of thought regarding the question of video games as art and give reasons as to why video games absolutely should be considered art.

What we consider art seems at first glance to be a bunch of things that don’t have anything in common. I mean, should movies and oil paintings really be squeezed into the same category?

Well, those are just two different forms of what we call art, and the reason why they exist is the fact that people are able of expressing themselves in many different ways. This is exactly why we have what is known as the seven art forms.