What is Gamification and Why It’s Awesome!

For all those who are not familiar with the term gamification, this will prove to be an interesting read. Gamification is a fairly new concept that has everything to do with playing video games, which is what makes it so great! The term actually refers to the use of game mechanics and game thinking in contexts that are not closely related to games, and with the purpose of making people more involved in solving certain problems.

This being the general definition of the word, I will now move on to explaining why and how it can be good for you. Of course it was the business world that first realized the potential of the concept. This is why gamification is already being used as a strategy in businesses and organizations.

Before we move on to the benefits of gamification, we will have to get one thing straight. Playing games is not a lame thing that only nerds and old people do. It is actually a phenomenon that has been categorized as one of the basic social tools that have been embedded into our societies. Got it? Okay, now we can move on to discussing the benefits of gamification.